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The realm of symbols has developed across ancient cultures. It led the human spirit believe in wishing, choosing and having the opportunity to determine its own destiny. HIZDAMNUT revives and integrates the ancient realm of symbols into our lives and paints them in meaningful colors. 

A wish and a choice create an opportunity


The Native American Hopi doll represents harmony and the man-nature spiritual connection. The frog image in its center symbolizes fertility and renewal
in the Berber-Moroccan culture.


The Native American sunbird is a symbol of graceful, light and sensual flight. The little bird symbolizes a determined and focused movement towards a goal without losing either the enjoyment of the journey or the joy of discovery.


A Japanese doll that symbolizes healing and protection. The sun image in its center symbolizes growth and renewal in the Berber-Moroccan culture.


In the Berber-Moroccan culture it symbolizes power and connection to life. The Native American sun image in its center represents symmetry and global harmony with the universe.


A Japanese doll that draws good into your life and guards you from evil.

Create. yourself

It symbolizes courage and vision that create opportunity.


The mythical bird that rises from the sands symbolizes healing, growth and resurrection. The Native American morning star image in its center represents hope, love and shepherding.

diamond love

Viking symbols of



This Berber-Moroccan image symbolizes protection, creative mind and strength.


A Chakra that powers creativity, emotions, sensuality, inner drive and discovery. The fish, swimming together in the center, symbolize affluence and prosperity.


The Jaguar is a mystical earthling that revives inner strength through energetical rising and magnifies the capacity to adopt changes. The "gold flower"[AB1]  in the center symbolizes affluence, royalty and beauty in different cultures.



The mythical Hamsa symbolizes giving and the five guarding senses. The Native  merica  Tapuat in its center symbolizes a journey of personal development and renewal  hrough consciousness and choice.

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