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The realm of symbols has developed across ancient cultures. It led the human spirit believe in wishing, choosing and having the opportunity to determine its own destiny. HIZDAMNUT revives and integrates the ancient realm of symbols into our lives and paints them in meaningful colors.  A wish and a choice create an opportunity


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Black symbolizes the world of mystery and maturity. It symbolizes strengthening and cleansing from negative energies.

White symbolizes serenity, tranquility, purity, clarity and new beginning.

Gold symbolizes endurance,healing,strength,courage and profound wisdom.

Purple is the color of  ntuition, anti-aging and inner strength. It symbolizes self-fulfillment and the healing of body and soul.

Green symbolizes fertility, growth, health and vitality.

Red symbolizes passion, daring, power and strength.

Yellow symbolizes

affluence,fortune,optimism and saliency.

Blue symbolizes peace of mind, studying, immersion and passion for 


Brown symbolizes practicality, rich soil, grounding and the planting of new seeds.

Silver symbolizes emotional energy, tolerance, patience, self-reflection, enlightenment and balance.

Pink symbolizes love and enjoyment.

Orange symbolizes

friendship, surmounting

obstacles, motion and mobility, diligence and hard work.

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