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Our story begins with a Japanese rag doll- Sarubobo. In the past, grannies would sew this doll for their daughters and granddaughters as an amulet for successful matching, good marriage, fertility and healthy kids. In our times, it is sewed in different colors- each to make a wish come true- Blue for study and work, Green for health, Yellow for money and pink for love. Sarubobo may come in different sizes and colors, but always without facial features. There are several explanations for this, some reside in matter and some in spirit, but one of them truly captured our hearts- It is a clean slate that lets us decide what feelings the doll would project, just as each and every one of us bears the power and responsibility to choose how their lives would look like.

The encounter of Asaf and me with the Sarubobo took place in a time when each of us ended a chapter in life and was looking for a new opportunity- For love, for a relationship and for generation. Inspired by the featureless doll that reminds us that even in this complex life it is we who have the right to choose, we embarked on a journey of discovery and revelation- Each for oneself and the two of us together as a couple. Together we read about ancient cultures, we hired the services of an anthropologist, we learned of amulets and started to take interest in symbols and to collect them. A roots journey that I took to Morocco exposed us to the Berber culture and to Yaz () that symbolizes the free man.

This is how HIZDAMNUT was born- Out of the opportunity that we were looking for and as an expression of our joint journey. The main purpose of HIZDAMNUT is to remind people that the choice is in their hands and that their next opportunity is just around the corner. We put into HIZDAMNUT my experience in guiding workshops and processes of personal and organizational empowerment and Asaf's talent as an artist and a jewelry designer. Together we formed a unique design language and created a spectacular collection of jewels and amulets that interweave original images and ancient symbols into a novel and meaningful impression.

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